The fantasy of fabrics, creativity and design entered Lena’s world in her early stages of childhood. Lena embraced the opportunity to broaden her talents by studying Fashion Design, as well as freelance design and manufacture her own products.

In the year 2000, and after 10 years working for several design houses, Lena opened her own design studio – Egyptian Closet. In late 2002, after developing a reputable name as a Couture Designer, Egyptian Closet was renamed 'Lena Lekkas Couture’. Her quaint studio offered a retail selection of beautiful one-off garments, up-market fashion jewellery, and an ever growing demand for her limited edition designs. Breathtaking garments were created and showcased every year.

In December 2005, Lena closed the studio to operate by consultation only in Adelaide and by early 2007, her operations moved to Melbourne to further her labels opportunities.

Today her focus is on producing quality couture products to the retail market. The availability of her Couture Design Service is exclusive and by appointment only.

"We encompass many opportunities in life to shape our own dreams into reality. I produce garments as physical tools to bring pleasure into peoples lives through self pampering or the simple requirement to clothe ones self. Either way, it’s a pleasure for a Lena Lekkas client".